Friday, May 27, 2005

Son of Orange Furry Chair

So my plans to film the demise of the orange furry chair were thwarted by the lack of a video camera. Instead the chair, along with it's (perhaps) even uglier sibling, was dropped off at Goodwill. That the lady at the receiving dock didn't tell us to get lost still amazes me. She even gave us a receipt for our taxes, though the debate still rages over how much the chair was worth. I keep meaning to drop by Goodwill to see if its still there, but haven't found the time yet.
The offending seating has been replaced by two new chairs from IKEA which were procured during an extensive one-day road trip to the IKEA store in Washington, DC. Yes, they are generically modern and Swedish, but at least they aren't furry or orange.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Furry Orange Chair - The Movie

Joe thinks I'm crazy, but I've decided to film a short documentary about the furry orange chair in our living room.
The thing is absolutely hideous and we're finally getting rid of it. (Imagine the living room suite it started out life as part of!) My plan is to haul it out to the curb and film it from across the street. Since nothing remains on the curb for long in this neighborhood, it shouldn't be long before I get to meet the next owner of the world's ugliest fanback chair. I plan on interviewing them about why they would possibly want this chair and see if they will let me take a picture of the chair in it's new home. I'd also like to do a one-year follow up with the chair and it's new owner.
My alternate plan, just in case nobody takes the chair or I scare them away by filming all of this, I'm going to take it down to Goodwill and film daily visits with the chair until it gets adopted.
You can expect the finished project to premiere at Cannes around 2008.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Hello, Officer...

I've never gotten pulled over while driving, but I got pulled over by the Coast Guard while kayaking the other morning. Tree-hugger that I am, I had been picking up litter in the marsh while the boys fished...and one of the things I picked up was a 32 gallon grey trash can. Since it didn't fit in the boat (it's a small 12 foot recreational kayak) I turned it upside down and balanced it on the rear deck. We were crossing the river when the little inflatable Coast Guard boat pulled up beside us with the blue lights flashing.
They were just curious what the grey thing on the back of my boat was. One of them asked if I was "smuggling children" in it. In hindsight, telling them it was a "Mr. Fission" like in Back to the Future would have been fun, but since they're now assigned to Homeland Security and not the Department of Transportation, making jokes about anything nuclear probably would not have been wise. It turned out okay and none of us were taken to holding cells in undisclosed locations.
The Coast Guard guys decided to take the trash can back to the station with them since they were headed in. They did almost hit a snag in this little plan when the captain evidentally woke up from his nap and asked what they were doing. They tried to explain how they were aiding a boater, but the captain's only question was, "what are we going to do with it?" Incidentally, I found a very similar trash can in the marsh yesterday just downstream from where the Coast Guard pulled us over...but they wouldn't do that, would they?!?!

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Art Crawl

It supposed to be an "Art Walk" where you casually peruse the assorted galleries of the French Quarter, nibbling on tasty tidbits, sipping wine and hopefully spending a lot of money. What it in fact is, is a pub crawl of art galleries. You wander from art gallery to art gallery scavanging the fruit and cheese trays, getting a new plastic cup of wine at every stop, and wondering who actually buys this stuff. And some of it, really does make you wonder.
For the grad student set, it is an opportunity to pretend that we are educated young sophisticates, grown up from our undergraduate days, interested in art and culture. But take away the free wine and finger foods and just see how many of us still show up. We are at heart just like our undergraduate brethern, only we can drink legally.