Saturday, May 07, 2005

Art Crawl

It supposed to be an "Art Walk" where you casually peruse the assorted galleries of the French Quarter, nibbling on tasty tidbits, sipping wine and hopefully spending a lot of money. What it in fact is, is a pub crawl of art galleries. You wander from art gallery to art gallery scavanging the fruit and cheese trays, getting a new plastic cup of wine at every stop, and wondering who actually buys this stuff. And some of it, really does make you wonder.
For the grad student set, it is an opportunity to pretend that we are educated young sophisticates, grown up from our undergraduate days, interested in art and culture. But take away the free wine and finger foods and just see how many of us still show up. We are at heart just like our undergraduate brethern, only we can drink legally.


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