Monday, May 16, 2005

Furry Orange Chair - The Movie

Joe thinks I'm crazy, but I've decided to film a short documentary about the furry orange chair in our living room.
The thing is absolutely hideous and we're finally getting rid of it. (Imagine the living room suite it started out life as part of!) My plan is to haul it out to the curb and film it from across the street. Since nothing remains on the curb for long in this neighborhood, it shouldn't be long before I get to meet the next owner of the world's ugliest fanback chair. I plan on interviewing them about why they would possibly want this chair and see if they will let me take a picture of the chair in it's new home. I'd also like to do a one-year follow up with the chair and it's new owner.
My alternate plan, just in case nobody takes the chair or I scare them away by filming all of this, I'm going to take it down to Goodwill and film daily visits with the chair until it gets adopted.
You can expect the finished project to premiere at Cannes around 2008.


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