Friday, May 27, 2005

Son of Orange Furry Chair

So my plans to film the demise of the orange furry chair were thwarted by the lack of a video camera. Instead the chair, along with it's (perhaps) even uglier sibling, was dropped off at Goodwill. That the lady at the receiving dock didn't tell us to get lost still amazes me. She even gave us a receipt for our taxes, though the debate still rages over how much the chair was worth. I keep meaning to drop by Goodwill to see if its still there, but haven't found the time yet.
The offending seating has been replaced by two new chairs from IKEA which were procured during an extensive one-day road trip to the IKEA store in Washington, DC. Yes, they are generically modern and Swedish, but at least they aren't furry or orange.


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