Monday, July 25, 2005

I have received several complaints about the frequency of my blog posts. (Though the near complete lack of comments posted here would lead one to believe that no one ever read the thing anyway...) I admit to having been very slack about my blog; this was, in fact, started as a daily writing exercise. Anyhow, I will do my best to post more often and will be posting a number of "back issues" that I wrote, but never put here. So there, and leaving messages on my answering machine about it is far less effective than posting a comment on the subject, considering I NEVER check the machine!!!!!! (Why do you think it took me this long to just address the complaints??!?!?)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, who ever complained...I am in total agreement. I of course read this page merely for entertainment purposes only.

8/11/2005 10:50 AM  
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8/25/2005 10:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



Proud Da of a Snufkin ;)

9/15/2005 11:12 PM  

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