Wednesday, August 10, 2005

My Recent Brush with Reality TV

"Reality TV" is officially dead. In the past year and a half, I have had a coworker who was on Survivor, known an attendee of a very strange wedding filmed by Fox (the entire wedding party and most of the guests were dressed as birds...No, I don't know why), had a friend who was propositioned by a production company to buy their house for a home makeover show (they said "no" when they discovered the premise of the show was to take an absolute wreck of a house and make it livable) and last night I attended a dinner party where the hostess was being interviewed by a film crew for a potential spot in a new reality show on VH1.
The whole draw of the reality TV thing was that you could turn on the television and watch people like yourself, only more interesting. It validated our drab and boring existences by showing us that there are others just like us, only more interesting. However, it seems those people just like us, only more interesting, were actually kind of rare and so now we're reduced to watching people just like us, and face it, we're not that interesting.