Friday, September 16, 2005

My Cat Has An Emergency Contact

Uma, the little one, recently paid a visit to the SPCA Neuter/Spay Clinic. I don't think she really understands what the clinic was or why she was there, but since she's been home she seems to be apologizing for whatever she did to get sent to the clinic.
While at the clinic, in addition to removing her kitten-producing abilities, the vet implanted a small microchip ID tag just under her skin. It's a pretty common procedure now, even Keller has one. What struck me as unusual about Uma's chip was the accompanying paperwork.
The whole point of the microchip is that if the pet is ever lost, the shelter that recovers it can scan the animal for a microchip ID and get contact information for the owners from the database maintained by the microchip makers. When Keller got his chip, it was from the Hilton Head Humane Shelter, and I had to fill out a little card with our address and phone numbers. Uma's paperwork for her chip, reminded me more of those forms they made you fill out the first day of school that wanted to know your birthday and parent's phone numbers and most importantly, the name and number of the person the school nurse was supposed to call to come get you when you were sick. Uma's paperwork asked the same questions, requiring me to make-up a birthdate for her and figure out who would be her emergency contact.
Ultimately, I decided on Mom. She has years of experience as an emergency contact, Uma likes her, and her phone number is the least likely to change of anyone else I know....that and she didn't think I was too crazy when I called to tell her she was Uma's emergency contact.
As a side note, Uma's birthday is officially the 1st of September, just like Joe, making her a Virgo. And if anyone is interested in sending her a belated birthday gift, she likes butter lids and palmetto bugs.