Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Kitty Bowling

For Christmas, the Kitties received several small gifts, cat grass, a remote control mouse, and a laser pointer. The cat grass is still in the packaging, unsown. The remote control mouse was very popular until the batteries died, but required frequent human intervention as Keller would frequently flip it over. The laser pointer turned out to be the most entertaining gift not just for the Kitties, but for us as well. Especially after the birth of Kitty Bowling.

The object of the game is simple, with Uma standing by the door mewing to be let out, you get Keller running up and down the living room so frantically that he'’s not able to come to a stop when the laser pointer beam changes direction. Then you just aim the pointer so that when Keller goes running towards the door after the laser beam, he flies uncontrollably into Uma and knocks her over. The trick here is that Keller is smart enough to try to avoid running into Uma, and Uma, gets tired of being run into and abandons her post after a little while, so you have to play quickly.

Now some might say that intentionally causing cats to knock each other over is mean. And to this I say....when did that ever stop something from being fun?!?!

3 Reasons Why I Admire My Deaf Cat, Keller

1. His fearlessness. While the other cats run from the vacuum cleaner, Keller charges it head on and tries to wrestle it to the floor.
2. No amount of yelling has ever discouraged Keller from anything. Alternately, he’s never been cajoled into doing anything dumb either. (Except Kitty Bowling….)
3. Not only does Keller get to sleep all the time, he can sleep through anything. Street sweeper at 3 am, vacuum cleaner next to his head, anything…nothing wakes him.